Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Find Your Own Business Opportunity Here In 5 Steps

Discover your creative niche: Before you will be able to discover any business opportunity, you must first discover yourself. Find out what you are good for and what you are bad at. This will help you avoid getting hooked in the great ring of trial and error.
Discover your natural skills and talent, What are you allowed to do ? How much time are you allowed to spend ?. When you know yourself and what you want, You will know where to search for that opportunity.

Study the opportunity: The mistake many people make is jumping into a business without prior knowledge of how it works. At the end of the day, they suffer huge losses, get stressed out, or get on the wrong side of the law.The Bible says that “my people suffer for lack of knowledge”. The biggest risk in a business is the one due to lack of knowledge. Go online, read books, journals and articles that describe the business in detail. Ask people and make your research extensive. Know what you have to learn.

Get a mentor:  When you have a comprehensive background knowledge about the business you are getting into. Get yourself a mentor. Your mentor should be someone who has been in the same line of business for a long time. Someone who has experience that you can feel free to relate with.Someone that has an interest in your affairs.
Tell him your plans and have him approve it or if necessary make some corrections. You will keep going to him during the course of your growth in the business for evaluation and correction.

Start immediately: When you have made up your mind and you are sure that the business is right for you. Take action immediately. The greatest mistake people make is to wait for a while after evaluating the business. This will give your inner critic,your greatest enemy, time to discourage you.Start investing your time, your money and energy into the business to make it grow.It may be a little tough at the beginning but you should not relent. Discipline yourself and keep pushing forward.

Establish a relationship with others in your business line: In any business, you must establish a fine relation ship with others in that line. There will be competition but try to keep it cool and friendly. Look for opportunities to cooperate.
Establishing a relationship also helps you stay up to date in your product line. You will learn new methods, technology advancement and product improvements.

“To whom much is given much is expected” says the Bible. When you are making good progress, you should try to help startups
and upcoming business men. You started that way after all.

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