Thursday, 5 November 2015

Get to your desired financial position in 4 steps

It could be a goal, a financial position, a position at work, an academic position. These 4 steps are invaluable and will certainly take you to any position in life. Most successful people use this methods repeatedly.

1. Know the people in that position: Your circle of friends largely determine the kind of person you become.You must network with the people in that position to reach it.It is a simple law. Read about these people.Meet them if possible, ask them questions. If you know how they started and what got them to that position you will be able to know what really works and what does not. Observe their words and their actions. What do they do? How do they do it? When do they do it? Why do they do it that way?. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will simply have to copy their actions and drift to success.
2. Learn the lingo of that position: Every branch of life has its own unique language and terminologies. Observe the people in that position. How do they speak?. Make it a goal to find out the meaning of every strange term associated with the desired position. For example, Stock market and foreign exchange traders use the words pips, trends, indicators, highs and lows, open and close, bulls and bears. A person who is interested in stocks should know these terms diligently. Knowing these terms puts you in the position in your mind. This is the beginning of progress.
3. Take your action: Take decisive actions. Think through every situation and take action quickly. Do not procrastinate.  If you have to invest a certain sum of money or your time, do it immediately with the help of a mentor. Do not give your inner critic time to poison your decision. You must also take the law of compound interest into account. Don't expect to get the same level of success as someone who has more experience. Hold small positions diligently and they will translate into bigger ones continually. Remember
" If you jump up, you will fall ; If you grow up, you will stay up "
4. Do not give up: This is the ultimate rule. Never give up, persistence is key. With persistence, you will certainly get to that position with the above steps. Without it, going through the steps above would be a waste of time. Don't be discouraged by pitfalls and little mistakes. What matters most is how you react to those mistakes. Your progress will take the form of a trend and not a smooth lever.
A trend such that when you make big progress, you will have small failures followed by another bigger progress. That is real life.
Help others get to their desired positions. A wise man said that
" A man who helps another to climb a mountain cannot say he has never been there".
See you at the top!

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