Sunday, 10 January 2016

Woman Removed From Donald Trump Rally Wanted To Show 'Muslims Are Not That Scary'

Hamid, a 56-year-old flight attendant, was removed from Donald Trump's rally Friday night while silently protesting, one of several disruptions to occur during the Republican presidential candidate's event.
Hamid, who wore a shirt reading “Salam I Come In Peace” and a yellow "Muslim" star, a reference to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, told CNN later that she attended
the event with peaceful intentions.
"I have this sincere belief that if people get to know each other, one on one, that they'll stop being afraid of each other and we'll be able to get rid of all this hate in the world, literally," Hamid told CNN's Don Lemon. "So that was really my goal, was to let people see that Muslims are not that scary." 
Hamid said on CNN that the Trump supporters seated near her "were lovely." She said they had conversations throughout the evening and even shared popcorn. But Hamid said a "hateful crowd mentality" took over after she stood up. 
"It was really quite telling and a vivid example of what happens when you start using this hateful rhetoric and how it can incite a crowd where moments ago were very kind to me," Hamid said. 
Hamid also said that a woman apologized later on for the behaviour of the trump supporters.
Is this what Trump's government has to offer.

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