Friday, 24 June 2016

Selena Gomez hints release of new album "album #2" after Revival.

 Not too long ago, Selena Gomez "killed us with kindness" with the release of her new album- Revival. But is she ready to bury us with another album already?  She has just confirmed
on twitter that she is.

Below is a teaser photo that she posted a few hours ago on twitter confirming the near completion of a new album "album #2".

 What is not clear to us is that she calls it "album #2" when technically, this would be her third album
after STAR DANCE in 2013 and REVIVAL in 2015.

Is it really near completion?

She also tossed us a Selena's cube to make us rack our heads a little by posting the same photo(below) with a rather opposite caption on Instagram stating that the album is just starting.

We don't know what you are doing Selena, but we really can't wait for this weapon of kindness to drop.

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